BI Dynamics is a tech company
that specializes in tech enabled solutions.
Company Profile


Web Designs &
Development Solution

We develop well-structured websites tailored to the client’s requirements. We provide the required supplementary services such as top notch web services, design and content development and maintenance.

Learning Management
Solutions Development

We offer learning management system software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

Data Warehouse
Management and Analytics

We are very skilled in the management and wrangling of problematic data, we conduct assessments of your data footprint and offer services to extract, store, manage and analyze large amounts of data.

Mobile Applications and Chatbot Development

We develop mobile applications that are deployed on Android, Apple and Windows phones, our experienced developer will guide you through the development process advising on the best route to market.

Data Privacy Protection and Data Governance

We have highly skilled Information Compliance specialists that specialize in the provision of consultancy services on data privacy and development of data governance policies and procedures.


We offer Enterprise Resource Planning & Customer Relationship Management solutions such as Integrating Business processes (HR, Accounting, Finances) & Employee’s management.

We’re constantly improving
our skills to fulfill projects of any level.


Reliable Solutions

We provide reliable solutions that are future proof.

Expert support

We provide expert and on time support, we are committed to service excellence.

Training Services

We run regular advanced training sessions.

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